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Throughout the remediation process, we work to educate our clients, giving them the knowledge they need to maintain and manage their credit profile better, now and in the future. 


We want to be sure that our clients will be prepared for future loan approval. 


A Fresh Start, LLC (AFSLLC) mainly works from referrals provided to us from the mortgage industry.  This way we can focus on how to manage our client’s loans and budgets. When your mortgage professional calls AFSLLC about your case, they will tell us what is needed to receive the loan approval. 


The main focus for AFSLLC is always to get you prepared for your loan and thereafter, we will continue to work with you on your account for up to 6 months


A Fresh Start, LLC has implemented systems to ensure that we keep our clients and their mortgage professionals updated.  


Everyone involved will be better prepared to proceed with the loan process as soon the credit challenges have been resolved. 

We Are NOT A Credit Repair Company

A Fresh Start, LLC (AFSLLC) is a credit counseling, financial planning, budgeting, mortgage preparation and money management company.  AFSLLC, works on derogatory payment history and also with borrower who have been turned down for a home loan or world like to refinance their existing home loan at lower rates but cannot meet the credit scoring requirements of the lender.


A Fresh Start, LLC works with our clients on 100% of what makes up the credit score.  Most clients believe that the only reason they have a low score is because of late payments, charge-offs, bankruptcy may have a higher score than a client with just a couple late payments?  The point is that there are many reasons why a credit score is low and the only way to know what those reasons are is through experience, research and staying on top of the credit industry laws and changes in the scoring model industry.


A Fresh Start, LLC has successfully helped many clients increase their credit scores under even the most difficult circumstances.  AFSLLC works with clients who are in need of financial planning for their future, as well as budget planning.

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